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Lilliput Play Homes is a builder of custom children's playhouses headquartered in Finleyville, PA. We've created childhood memories with our unique outdoor playhouses for over 20 years. Choose us to build your kids play house and discover the attention to detail that we put into every outdoor playhouse.

We make playhouses in several styles like our princess playhouse (pictured), victorian playhouse and castle playhouse.

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November 25, 2012


We are proud, once again, to be a part of the spectacular Holiday House of Candy created by the Hershey Company.  We built a special version of our Main Street Town Hall playhouse to which the amazing "choclatiers" at Hershey World attached thousands of pieces of Hershey candy.

This is no easy task. The designers at Hershey spend weeks prior to construction to planning and designing the structure. We build the playhouse with special reinforcing to carry the weight of the candy.  Then the candy is painstakenly attached to the playhouse by hand.  Special care and patience is a must while creating this Holiday treat.  But when completed............WOW!!!

The candy and the playhouse is donated to charity after the holiday season.  It is great to once again be a part of this wonderful Holiday event.

November 19, 2012

Check out what's coming!!!

We introduced three new playhouse designs at a recent trade show.  A new Theater, Police Station and Bank will soon become a part of our Main Street Playhouse Collection.

The Theater playhouse is a classic Art Deco design reminiscent of Hollywood's Golden Era. It has a lighted marquee, ticket window and we can even provide a "walk of fame" sidewalk star.  You can also send us your children's hand or footprints and we'll cut it in a sidewalk as well.  Hooray for Hollywood!!!

The new Police Station has a holding cell, wanted poster, call box, fingerprint station and even a donut box. Everything needed to keep our streets safe.

Children can learn about finance at our new stately Bank playhouse. It has an ATM, drive-up window, vault, and teller counter.  No bail-out needed here!!

The fun doesn't end there though!!! Place the Police Station playhouse next to the Bank playhouse and you'll discover a tunnel carved out of the holding cell into the Bank vault!!!  Awesome!!!  "Leave the gun, take the cannoli."