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Lilliput Play Homes is a builder of custom children's playhouses headquartered in Finleyville, PA. We've created childhood memories with our unique outdoor playhouses for over 20 years. Choose us to build your kids play house and discover the attention to detail that we put into every outdoor playhouse.

We make playhouses in several styles like our princess playhouse (pictured), victorian playhouse and castle playhouse.

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September 24, 2013


Over the years our business has evolved from single backyard playhouses to creating incredible playhouse villages for an aray of interesting clients.  Sometimes our playhouse villages can be the vision of fun loving granparents who adore having the gang over to play.  But more likely our playhouse village clients are businesses trying to create a unique children's attraction that is appreciated by children and adults alike. Our Town and Country Collection allows you to pick an entire street of themed playhouses.  Choose a Doctor's Office, Grocery store, Fire Station and more for your playhouse village. Line them up, add trees, lamp posts, sidewalks, etc. and you have your own turn-of-the-century Main Street.  Just like a little Disney World! A playhouse Village is a place where children can expand their imagination through role playing and have fun doing it!