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December 11, 2009

10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Raising Children

10.  That I am a lot more like my mother than I ever imagined.
9.    That for years, my bathroom would not be a place for privacy...and that when I was finally left alone, I would miss all  the commotion.
8.     That I would forget many of those adorable "first's. " Memory books are worth tenfold every second I put into them.  Now I wish I had written more.
7.     That after reading what all the "experts" had to say, it was okay to trust my instincts.
6.     That practicing what I preach can be tough.
5.     That a stable, loving home is the best investment you can make in your children's future.
4.     That the best time to teach your child about unconditional love is when they have disappointed or upset you.
3.     That when you are sitting up, waiting, willing your eyes to stay open until your teenager's curfew arrives, is really no different than years before when you were rocking them to sleep, dozing yourself, only to find their eyes wide open, intently gazing around the room.
2.     That the only thing more rewarding than raising happy, independent, healthy children is seeing them laugh with, support, and trust each other.
1.     That calling parenting "the most rewarding job you'll ever have" is an understatement.

1 comment:

  1. It is the best description of how you feel and what you learn while raising a child that I have ever read!
    Thanks Patty..

    Basak Eren