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May 19, 2011

Celebrities and Lilliput

Over the past seven years that I've worked at Lilliput Play Homes, I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful families, large and small, scattered across the United States as well as internationally, to create the perfect backyard play experience for their family. 

Frequently, I receive calls from an assistant to a celebrity or professional athlete, gathering information for their bosses.  Parents, regardless of income, all want the same thing: to create an idyllic childhood for their offspring.

This past week was a bit different however.  On two separate occasions, when I answered my phone, the celebrity themselves was on the other end, asking questions like any other parent, inquiring about lead time, discussing paint color options, and what furnishings looked best inside.  No pretense.  No delegating the chore to an assistant or interior decorator.  Just an excited parent looking to purchase a fun present for their children. 

In a time when all we hear about is over-the-top stars, diva attitudes, and disturbing behavior, it was refreshing (okay, I admit, and fun!) to talk to two moms who were as normal as you and me, debating over what playhouse to get their children.

And I know what you're wondering - no, they didn't order the largest playhouse we've ever built with every bell and whistle known to man.  One purchased our best-selling Cotton Candy Manor and the other chose our Grand Victorian. 

Here's to moms around the globe, trying our best, regardless of income level, to give our children a well-rounded childhood that will help them grow and develop into strong, creative, independent adults. 

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