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Lilliput Play Homes is a builder of custom children's playhouses headquartered in Finleyville, PA. We've created childhood memories with our unique outdoor playhouses for over 20 years. Choose us to build your kids play house and discover the attention to detail that we put into every outdoor playhouse.

We make playhouses in several styles like our princess playhouse (pictured), victorian playhouse and castle playhouse.

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February 28, 2012

Lilliput's Signature "Attention To Detail"

I love when clients invite us into their world by sharing photos and details of their own homes.  
Normally, clients ask if we can paint the playhouse in similar (or the same) paint colors as the family home. "Absolutely," I assure them.  
Often, clients ask if we can change the dimensions of the playhouse.  "No problem," I reply. 
In a recent conversation with a client, the woman asked about changing the paint colors and the dimensions of the playhouse; she needed a slightly smaller width on the Princess Cottage to fit her yard.  I diligently made my notes and offered to provide her with a CAD rendering of her playhouse, to make sure we had all the details correct. 

Then, she asked if we could duplicate the festoons over her windows and door.  I admit, I was stumped.  First, I had to figure out what a "festoon" was!  

     fes·toon (noun)

     1.  a string or chain of flowers, foliage, ribbon, etc., suspended in a curve between two points.
     2.  a decorative representation of this, as in architectural work or on pottery.
     3.  a fabric suspended, draped, and bound at intervals to form graceful loops or scalloped folds.
I consulted with my boss, Steve, and our Production Manager, Ron (who happens to also be a genius on the CNC router).  "Sure," was their response (I think they already knew what a festoon was).  
We presented her with this sample:

She was thrilled.  "Perfect!" she cried.  
 And so, this adorable playhouse came to be:
Oh yeah.  And note the "wrought iron grill" Ron added to her front door.  
Attention-to-detail is just one of the many benefits you receive with every Lilliput play home, standard or custom.  



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